St. Edward the Confessor

Welcome to St. Edward Catholic Church's Mobile Website. The prayer for all who visit us here is that God will continue to bless and strengthen you with His abiding love and peace.


Are you interested in soundboard training?

Do you hear well?

Do you understand music?

Do you regularly attend Sunday morning Mass?


If your answer is Yes to all the above:

Contact Liz Goodwin at (804) 864-4717 or by email

7:00am Men Of St. Joseph
8:30am Friends Of The Homeless
9:00am Eucharist Liturgy
9:30am Lenten Adoration
5:00pm Fish Fry
5:00pm Dyc Participants Meet For Dinner
7:00pm Stations Of The Cross
12:00am Diocesan Youth Conference (Dyc)
7:00am Community Weekend
11:00am Funeral For Elise Byrd
4:00pm Reconciliation
5:00pm Eucharistic Liturgy
12:00am Diocesan Youth Conference (Dyc)
7:00am Community Weekend
7:15am Eucharistic Liturgy
8:15am Library Open
8:45am Youth Choir
8:45am Children's Liturgy Of The Word
8:45am Eucharistic Liturgy
9:45am Library Open
9:55am Sunday Morning Religious Ed.
10:00am Adult Study
10:00am Outreach In Love
11:15am Children's Liturgy Of The Word
11:15am Eucharistic Liturgy
12:15pm Library Open
1:00pm Walk Through The Mass
3:30pm Life Teen Core Team Meeting
3:30pm Spirit Song
5:00pm Eucharistic Liturgy
6:30pm Religious Ed Evening
9:00am Eucharist Liturgy
6:00pm K Of C Business Meeting
7:00pm Souljourners
7:00pm Boy Scouts Troop #1893
8:30am Sees Liturgy
9:00am Eucharist Liturgy
10:00am Bible Chicks
5:30pm Spirit Song
6:30pm Scripture Study
6:30pm Tuesday Prep Confirmation Class
7:00pm Rosary Prayer Group 1
7:00pm Ladies Auxiliary
9:00am Salvation Army -Meatloaves/Brownies Pick Up
9:00am Eucharist Liturgy
9:30am Lenten Reflection
3:00pm Girl Scout Troop 5345
4:30pm Youth Choir/Schola Rehearsal
6:30pm High School Youth Group
6:30pm Middle School Youth Group
7:00pm Outreach In Love
7:00pm Lenten Mass
7:45pm Lenten Reflection
9:00am Eucharist Liturgy
6:00pm Cub Scouts/Wolf Den 2
6:00pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
7:00pm Rosary And Novena
7:00pm Webelos #893
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